Shreeji Training has experienced exponential growth and development since its inception in 2011 under the leadership of Pooja Barot. Shreeji Training has expanded its of courses and services to its students year after year. 

Shreeji Training has grown and developed as a result of being able to draw on over 30 years of industry knowledge and having competent  on board. We have successfully established ourselves across North-East-London (NEL)

 Shreeji Training has received several accreditations, including Matrix, NCFE and Pearson. We also have a highly wanted spot on ROTAP and DCS with AO.

Our Office

Shreeji Training is a peripatetic delivery strategy that uses the talents and experience of both freelance teachers and assessors to be flexible and respond to the needs and requirements of our learners and the communities we serve.

Our primary distribution regions and demographics are in London, and Kent. These delivery sites were chosen owing to their accessibility to numerous places, including Barking, Newham, Redbridge, North London, Essex, Kent, and Whitechapel, as well as the different communities we serve. 

The majority of the teaching, training, tutoring, and examinations will take place in the workplace, at different hired local venues such as libraries and community centres, as well as at Shreeji Training’s CEME Campus in Rainham. Classroom-based learning facilities in diverse locations have been chosen to meet the needs of our learners. All locations have contemporary amenities, are safe, and have regular cleaning schedules. They are also accessible to the disabled and offer internet access as well as other standard training necessities such as desks, seats, OHP, and whiteboards. Tea and coffee, as well as other catering options, are available to students.

Shreeji Training Ltd’s headquarters are on the serviced CEME Campus in Rainham, East London, England, in the London Borough of Havering. It provides a professional and secure atmosphere for our employees and students. The CEME centre is an excellent location for our students to study and for our staff to administer our services, with a direct bus route, free parking, handicap access, a café, and a resource area where students may use computers and materials.



Shreeji Training are your experts when it comes to Training, Diplomas and Short Courses. Begin working towards your dream career with us!


Shreeji Training
CEME Main Building
CEME Campus
Marsh Way
Rainham, Essex
RM13 8EU



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